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  Welcome to LHS Decor! I decided to start this endeavor because for as long as I can remember, I have always loved all things relating to home and lifestyle. What started as a hobby and passion has quickly become so much more. I decided I wanted to start sharing it with the rest of you through design services and product curation. Here you will find everything from interior inspiration, shoppable products and all things lifestyle/DIY.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to ask me any questions or drop any suggestions you have below!


Growing up, my siblings and I had to make our beds daily before leaving for school and my parents were quite firm on that. Having to make my bed everyday translated to always having the desire to keeping my room tidy. This is when I knew, having a clean and well designed space to come home to made all the difference.

When I was around 14 and more frequently going over to friends houses, I started having a strong urge to help them re arrange their rooms and organize so they too, could have a nice serene space. I would start by taking everything out of closets, have them purge things and then begin placing everything back in it's place meticulously, so we then could accessorize and decorate the rest of the room without it feeling cluttered. The entire process from start to finish gave me such a great feeling, being able to make someone so happy and getting to see my vision come to life was extremely fulfilling. Over the years I really began to realize it was something I adored and wanted to pursue.

In high school I wasn't sure how I could turn my passion into career, which is why I decided to go down a different route. After graduating with a degree in Public Administration, I realized that design was where my heart was, so I began channeling my energy into all things home. I am still currently working on making my little business into my career and I thank you for being here, following along with my journey!


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