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My Endy 100 Night Review

Who doesn't love sleep? I know I do - and even more so now with our Endy! After spending 100 nights on my Endy mattress I'm excited to give you my honest review.

When my partner Kris and I decided to upgrade our bedroom, the first thing we wanted was a king sized bed. We'd previously heard about Endy, the Canadian made company, from friends at work who raved about it! When it came time to order our mattress, we knew an Endy is what we wanted. Now, after 100 nights of sleeping on it, I can honestly say we absolutely love our Endy mattress! Not only is it the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on, it also has so many other great features that I love, like:

- Reduced motion transfer

- Cooling technology

- Very affordable and Canadian made

- Comes in a box for easy lifting and unboxing

- 10 year warranty

- 100-night trial period with easy returns (free shipping and returns)

Endy even aims to donate any mattress that doesn't make it past the trial period to Canadians in need. They have donated over 5,500 mattresses across Canada!

I get asked a lot about the pricing of the Endy mattresses, so I’m going to put that here because it’s important: (Prices in CAD):

Twin $675, Twin XL $700, Double $775, Queen $850, King $950, Cal King $950

The mattress is also a lot cooler, which means I’m not waking up in the middle of the night sweating. I'll admit, I was at first a bit skeptical about a mattress being "cool" - I said to myself "how can a mattress be noticeably cooler?" and it somehow is! The Endy mattress is made with proprietary Endy Comfort Foam. The foam has a unique open air cell structure, which is what provides the temperature cooling effect.

Something I didn't notice before I got an Endy was how much movement you feel from your partner. Kris and I are both on shift work and we work opposite hours, so when one of us gets home at 2am and the other has to be up at 5am, it's crucial that we don't wake each other up; the Endy makes this SO easy! I've even seen videos of other influencers with cups of coffee on one side of the mattress while they let their kid jump on the other side and it doesn't even move!!!!

The last thing I find important to touch on since I've received a ton of questions about this is the firmness. Mattress preference is very subjective; I wanted a soft mattress and Kris wanted something more firm/hard. The mattress is truly the perfect mix of both, and it's so incredibly comfortable.

Overall, I know it can seem risky to purchase a mattress online and in a box. but there's a good reason it's the highest reviewed mattress in Canada. And, as I mentioned before, if you're not satisfied, there's the 100 night trial period after which you can still return it. If you're still not sureure how awesome this mattress is, you can test it out at Urban Barn! Urban Barn carries the mattress so you can try it out before purchasing. If you have any further questions, feel free to message me!

Click on the link below if you would like to purchase your very own Endy!

Thank you for reading and supporting me,


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